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Chairman's Statement


Promising investment opportunities

On behalf of Khalid Yousuf Al-Marzouq & Sons Group of Companies and all shareholders, managers and employees in the Group, we present you our best kindest regards and we are pleased to provide you in the current profile with a brief introduction to Khalid Yousuf Al-Marzouq & Sons Group and the aspirations of those responsible for the group, aiming to communicate with a world of business and worldly experiences.

We fully understand that the real challenge that was never far from the considerations of those responsible for the Khalid Yousuf Al-Marzouq & Sons Group is not merely achieving that kind of success which we frequently have already grasped, touched and recognized in the eyes of many of those who track the performance of our Group, but also achieving another kind of success that translates into preservation and activation of success to excel to higher grounds in the world of business.

Working for a successful future cannot merely be achieved through wishing well and aspire for positive objectives, but can only be realized as a concrete fact through deep study and evaluation and proper performance to exert optimum effort, relying on the best expertise of worldly consultants.

The difficult financial crisis that swept the world during 2008 – 2009 and caused havoc to many economies, starting with the crisis of house mortgage crisis initiated in the US leading to the devaluation of assets and the sharp fall in Oil process and expectations of recessions, none of which was far from the considerations and calculations of those responsible for the Group, and that lead us to a further understanding of economic factors relating to the current conditions of hyper-competition in today’s markets. As the economy of Kuwait is turned towards more activation of the role of Private Sector – as with other Gulf State Economies – and granting the private sector wider entitlements to cope with the requirements of economic Globalization and the major shift it brings about in international markets, we proudly announce that we have formulated structural plans for the performance of Khalid Yousuf Al-Marzouq & Sons Group to coup with the Development Plan put forward by the Kuwaiti Government estimated of around $ 125 Billion, comprising many sectors as Oil, Electricity, Construction, Rail Roads, Tunnels and Bridges and more.

The approval of the National Assembly on the Law to regulate the “privatization program” is one of the most significant laws passed by the government introducing a positive shift to activate the Private Sector in Kuwait.

From this viewpoint, we aspire for new courageous steps to develop into new areas of investments. Such a move requires tying strategic partnership with specialized international corporations, to be able to develop into substantial projects in Kuwait and other Gulf States. Such realization of opportunities and challenges reflect the deep understanding of those responsible for the Group toward both interaction with and opening to international expertise.































Fawaz Khalid Al-Marzouq
Chairman & CEO of Khalid Yousuf Al-Marzouq & Sons Group of Companies

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