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  Kuwait For Warehouses & Logistic Services Co.





Kuwait For Warehouses & Logistic Services Co.


Kuwait for Warehouses and Logistic Services Co. is wholly owned by Mr. Khalid Yousuf Al-Marzouq & Sons, with a capital of Kuwaiti Dinars (KD. 1 million). The company was established to achieve the following objectives:

1- Establishing warehouses of all kinds and sizes (refrigerated warehouses, dry warehouses) by assigning locations and areas for storing goods, commodities, materials and raw materials of all types, including parking lots for vehicles and merchandized commodities.

2- Warehouses management, maintenance, supervision and protection of warehouse inventories. Providing packaging, binding and collecting services for materials, commodities and goods to be marketed.

3- Leasing warehouses and warehouses management.

4- Storing all types of commodities as per depository system under supervision of customs inside and outside bonded areas and undertaking all activities of customs brokerage.

5- Equipping warehouses with installations, tools, forks and cranes required to place commodities and move them inside warehouse areas and establishing and leasing buildings required for such objectives.

6- Management of stagnant and depreciated inventory with sale for all types of commodities inventories in and outside of Kuwait and arraigning auctions to dispose of them.

7- Undertaking all kinds of electronic commerce and support activities in accordance with the activity of the company.

8- Handling all electronic work to design varieties of systems.

9- Ownership of prosperities and real estates required for undertaking activities of the company in accordance with local law and regulations.

10- Investing financial surpluses.

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Tel: +965 22460087
Fax: +965 22460089
Office Address: Mubarak Al-Kabeer Street, Block (1), Souk Al-Kuwait Bldg, 6th Floor, Office-613, Kuwait City, Kuwait.
Postal Address: P. O. Box 22964, Safat – 13090, Kuwait

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