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  Souk Al-Salmiah Real Estate Co.





Souk Al-Salmiah Real Estate Co.


 Chairman : Marzouq Khalid Yousuf Al-Marzouq

The commercial Souk Al-Salmiah - a Nouf  Real Estate Co. project – is a symbol of the construction revival in Kuwait . 

Souk Al-Salmiah is an architectural masterpiece and the largest commercial market in Kuwait in area, diversity of activities and services . It is also the most beautiful with its harmony of colors, the use of aesthetic spaces, the harmony in heritage, the civilized smooth flow among its sections and the provision of all services in an integrated structure which is regarded as a cultural first and a model for markets in the age of high technology with its splendor and originality inspired by the history of old Islamic culture.

Souk Al-Salmiahh is an expression of the authenticity and originality of the past, the creativity and development of the present while maintaining the Arab Islamic style through Arab and Islamic engravings and making it a market where the family can find all it needs under one roof at convenient and affordable prices to all .

Location and areas of Souk Al-Salmiah 

Souk Al-Salmiah is located in Hawalli Governorate in Al-Salmiah area, Plot No. 8, near the Passport Roundabout at Al-Khansa Street junction with Qatar Street. It is bordered by Al-Salmiah, Rumaithiya and Al-Bidaa areas. The souk was built on an area of 83,245 sq. m. with the first floor occupying an area of 31,787 sq. m. and the total building area is 71,367 sq.m.

Souk Al-Salmiah Elements

The souk comprises a mosque and another prayer room for men, a women prayer room on the first floor within the souk and offices with an area of 500 sq. m. for government bodies and ministries. 

It also contains green spaces on an area of 12,500 sq. m. as an aesthetic aspect of the souk. 

It has a parking space for 1000 cars, 3 Kaisariyas (Traditional Markets) each occupying 1600 sq. m. with glass domes . They were given traditional Kuwaiti names : Kobar, Failaka and Boubyan .

There are 12 lifts distributed on all gates with two lifts for each gate in addition to 5 electric escalators. 

Souk Activities

- Fish market (Stalls, Offices, Brokerage, Auction). 

- Ornamental fish and birds shops.

- Dates and sweets

- Business offices.

- Gifts and luxuries.

- Florists and arboretums.

- Supermarkets

- Wholesale foods.

- Inner entertainment grounds for children and adults.

- Ready-made clothes.

- Printing and photocopying.

- Bank branch.

- Pharmacy.

- Mobile phone shops.

- Restaurants, cafeterias and cafes.

- House utensils.

- Groceries.

Souk Al-Salmiah : An Integrated Project

- The largest supermarket : “ City Center “.

- The largest popular market in Kuwait : “ Souk Madinat Almuallem “.

- The largest entertainment hall for adults : “Cosmo Bowling “.

- The largest entertainment hall for children “ Future Kid Co. “.

- Large assortment of international restaurants : “ Burger King – Pizza 

  Hut – Mc Donalds – New York Fries – Nathan’s Famous “.

- Large assortment of international cafeterias and cafes : “ Starbucks –

  Senso – Numi Tea House – Coffee Club

- A wide variety of shops selling clothes, shoes, bags, gifts and accessories, telephones, natural flowers, an insurance services office, printing and imaging services office, a pharmacy and a branch of the Commercial Bank.

Contact Us.

Tel: +965 25727344 – 25727355
Fax: +965 25727343
Office Address: Salmiah, Block (8), Al-Khansa Street, Souk Al-Salmiah Building.
Postal Address: P. O. Box 5614, Safat – 13057 - Kuwait

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